Are Redrow playing fair?

Redrow is allegedly one of the higher quality developers so why have they not allowed any response or provided any information ahead of their Exhibition of their plans ahead of the 25th Nov? Is it to limit the dialogue and comments?

Are the roads saturated?

Junction 12 of the M5 is already under total overload at key times during the day. The A38 also suffers badly despite the well needed improvements at the McDonalds Roundabout. How is 1350 more homes going to improve the current saturated road network around Hardwicke, Quedgeley and the surrounding area.

More Development

Does Hardwicke need more houses? Over the past 20 years, we have grown substantially to over 7000 houses. We have expanded with the welcome addition of The Plantation, Dales Wharf, Sellars Farm, Hunts Grove plus other infill and recently had the Incinerator  built at Javellin Park. Can Hardwicke and the infrastructure cope with more houses?