More Floods2

This is actually Church Lane, next to the Church – not a river!! 

One thought on “More Floods2

  1. Add the water from Hunts Grove that empties in to the Shorn Brook that runs through Hardwicke and the proposed new 1350 houses and this is going to be a huge ongoing problem for us.
    Hunts Grove, still in construction are struggling at the moment to maintain the large compensation ponds that they had to build, basically they are being left to silt up so they hold less water.
    That’s after a few years ……. you can imagine the future outcome as SDC take the Community Charge but want no responsibility for the local area.
    Hunts Grove is sadly struggling with paying a top level community charge and a management charge to a private company for maintenance of the open spaces, and fabric of the place etc.
    I can’t remember that vote going through at SDC …… can you?
    It just “happened “………….. with zero accountability.
    That’s what they are living with ………and what we will have to deal with.
    You couldn’t make it up!
    I allege the planning inspector who recommended this new Hardwicke development was not availed of the full facts at the time of his / her decision and made a decision on insufficient detail.
    Campaign to overturn it……. The recommendation was beyond their authority and remit anyway allegedly…….. but still it was said once and the circling jackals pounced on it.

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